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Stars reviews essay kundera art books products customer work author

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It is important that the reader essays and several of the first instance. She moved to a million miles of roadways, lying in scrub, grass, dirt, leaves, sand, mud, but never really exists in fiction. The author's intervention has become, in his words, an "observation tower" which allows him to adjust his focus on the main character who is, in fact, "the embodiment of lyricism" and also point his telescope into the future and the past.

Another set of meditations emerges in this chapter, founded in Jaromil's life but pointing to broader considerations: the poet, especially the Romantic poet, as a "Mama's boy" who reconfigures his life through desperate efforts at escape, both in life and through his art. Kundera uses this characterization to briefly illuminate this aspect of the lives and careers of the s Czech poet Jiri Wolker, and the revered Romantics Shelley, Lermontov, and Rimbaud, would-be bad-boys fleeing the embraces of their mothers and grandmothers, each of whom might be seen as erecting a cult of the defiant self.

So Chapter 6 - which, in Kundera's favorite musical terms, is a sort of recapitulation of themes before proceeding to the coda of the last chapter - gives the reader a peculiar gloss on a particular phenomenon in the history of literature. The translation by Peter Kussi seems acceptable and solid to me, a reader who does not speak Czech. Since the novel is schematic and occasionally thesis-like, there is no need for stylistic heroics or adventures, so I assume the translation reflects a down-to-earth expository prose approach of the original Czech text.

Kundera is famously attentive to and fussy about the fine points of translation. I do not know if this particular translation meets his standards. Possibly not, since there was another translation by Aron Asher ten years after this one, and it has the Kundera "seal of approval" in a brief postscript. The Asher translation is a little more "flowing", even lyrical, which is surprising when Kundera's animus against lyricism is taken into account. However, in matters of narrative substance and historical allusions the two translations are interchangeable.

With regard to the contentious subject of "the lyrical age" of men and mankind , Kundera devoted several passages of his "The Joke" to its consideration, and he has continued to consider it in his several volumes of literary essays. The briefest way to put it is that "the lyrical age" of young men and women is a period of intense adolescent narcissism and intellectual immaturity born of uncertainty about the self.

This leads them into "all or nothing" attitudes which invariably have harmful consequences for themselves and others in the Czech case for the period depicted, "lyricism" resulted in a cheerful alliance between poets and hangmen, as Kundera often reiterates. The biographical background of this long-lasting preoccupation relates, I believe, to what he perceives as the failings and poetic impostures of his own youth, most especially his long poem "The Last May", which depicts in stilted terms the last days of the Communist martyr and cult icon, Julius Fucik.

How much of Jaromil is autobiographical in its details, that is, a fictionalized version of "early Kundera" can only be guessed at. Just as he killed off Jaromil as a character by having him choose to die in response to his disappointments his fatal pneumonia stemming from a weak attempt at suicide Kundera deliberately killed off his earlier self by ceasing to write poetry and turning to prose and to the novel as an "instrument of rational discourse" my term for his approach.

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In the end I would call the book a successful thesis and only a qualified success as a novel tastes and judgments about this will, I realize, vary greatly among its readers. Whatever my own hesitations on this point, I recommend the book as well worth reading to those interested in Kundera's career, in Czech literature, and in that part of the recent past in central Europe which is now entering its late phase of "living memory", which means that it might soon be forgotten altogether or significantly misrepresented.

One of the best novels by Milan Kundera. The psychology of characters are very well formed and expressed. Kundera asks and explores a subtle existential question. I enjoyed "Life is Elsewhere" despite some tendencies to be tedious in its descriptions of the young poet, Jaromil.

It is a rich book with lots of sub-texts, such as the qualities of surreal art and socialist realism art.

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The weird thing is the thing about the other young male poets. As the narrator openly states, following Jaromil is a good excuse to talk about other young poets such as France's Rimbaud, and the English poet Percy Shelley. Overall, the book has long stretches with sparse dialogue. Instead, it is a long examination of the mind of Jaromil, and his motives. This examination continues into the other characters, most of which have generic names. This is odd in some cases, because the character Maman, for example, does have some emotional depth.

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The description of Jaromil's sexual struggles is essential to the book, though not in much detail. It is ironic that the author, Milan Kundera. Of course the book is against the Czech Communist regime, but not in an overt way. An interesting aspect is Jaromil's feeling at the time of the Communist takeover that he is part of a real revolution. This is also compared to the Paris Commune. The Communist police abuses are shown in a natural way as they hit the people around Jaromil.

It is more about the horror of someone being accused of trying to defect or leave the country, and being sent to jail or perhaps shot. In this case, these accusations against the redheaded girl's brother are not even true.

The story is made up by the redheaded girl, Jaromil's girlfriend, to avoid his accusations of being late and unfaithful. Jaromil's early death by sickness is also ironic, though connecting this with the deaths of the poets Pushkin and Lermontov is a stretch. After all, Jaromil is merely pushed into the cold. He decides to stay out there long enough to catch pneumonia. An interesting novel, and now in the post-Communist world, a bit of an anachronism.

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