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Work on radioactivity and discoveries

Pierre Curie was born on May 15, He was born in Paris, France. She grew up in Warsaw, Poland. She would become famous for her research on radioactivity. Marie Curie was the first woman to ever win a Nobel prize, and the first ever to win two Nobel prizes.

Madame Curie | MY HERO

She is most famous for the discovery of Radium and Polonium. Her work not only influenced the development of fundamental science, but also began a new era in medical research. Gaining her basic education in public schools and some of her scientific training from her father. As a student she became involved in a Student 's Revolutionary organization and found it necessary to leave Warsaw. This move helping to give her the means to begin her longstanding career in science. She would eventually become one of the most famous women in science to date, an icon in.

Marie and her husband Pierre, who was also a French physicist, are both famous for their work in radioactivity.

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Her first learning of physics came from her father who taught it in high school. Marie's father must.

Now is the time to understand more so that we may fear less. Marie Curie was always one step ahead of herself. She wanted to find something no one else had found and make things no one would ever think about making.

Early life

Marie Curie was the founder of Radium. Radium is the chemical element of atomic number She was the first woman to take a degree in physics from the Sorbonne.

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The race was on to discover new elements that produced more radioactivity than uranium. The year after her first child was born, she discovered radium. Neither she nor Pierre Curie suspected -- or wished to -- that radioactivity was harmful. Their hands, their clothes, their equipment all were contaminated.


When Pierre was given, at last, a chair at the Sorbonne and Marie made head of research, he was already limping from bone deterioration. Both Curies, like many scientists of the time, were interested in the spirit world.

Galileo Galilei - The Father of Modern Science

If electromagnetic waves could carry telegraph messages across space, why not across time? When, in , Pierre was killed by a horse-drawn wagon galloping off the Pont Neuf, Marie often addressed him directly in her diary. Two years later the Sorbonne gave her her his chair, making her its first woman professor.

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Working as always until the small hours at what was now called the Curie Laboratory, she once, in front of her younger daughter, Eve, crashed to the floor with exhaustion. Einstein said of her that she was "cold as a herring. In , she fell in love with a married scientist, Paul Langevin, and met him secretly in his rented Paris apartment. His jealous wife had their letters stolen and released to the press, at about the same time that the papers carried the news of Curie's second Nobel Prize for the isolation of the elements polonium and radium. Such were the times.

Men were expected to have mistresses but a woman with a lover was a she-devil -- in her case, a Polish temptress. From Stockholm came the polite suggestion that she not go to Sweden to collect the prize, but she replied "I believe that there is no connection between my scientific work and my private life. By the time Curie made her first trip to the United States, radium was the glamour substance of high society and was added to products like face cream and lipstick.