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The next morning at a. Benny Baker died while in a diabetic coma. As will happen in a small town other people in town knew it before Russell did. He was told by his cousin. It was like an accusation that my father had done something criminal, and I jumped to his defense. As he ran home, he became convinced his cousin had been right. Women relatives had swarmed on the house and were clean and cooking in preparation of the funeral and funeral meals. At the age of five Russell Baker had become a sceptic.

There was not of interaction with men. His mother was at the very least a formidable woman.

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That left her with all her reforming energies focused on her only son, Russell Baker. They stayed with his Uncle Allen and Aunt Pat. When he went with her to her house she told him he had to remove his pants before he could have the cake. In chapter seven Baker writes about a romance between is mother and Oluf, a baker by occupation if not by name.

The romance was held mostly be letter since Oluf traveled. He was optimistic throughout , but his optimism gradually failed. In the spring of he lost all of his property because he was unable to pay his taxes and asked Lucy Elizabeth to not write him anymore letters. In they moved to Belleville New Jersey. This was at the depth of the Great Depression and money and jobs were at a premium. He was completely unsuited for the job.

The Bakers next moved to Baltimore. Baker worked as a newsboy.

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Baker reacted negatively to this. He gave Herb the silent treatment and would have nothing to do with him.

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Herb remained remarkably patient and as an adult Russell had matured enough to accept him and learned to like him. Shortly after they married, they had a baby girl they named her Mary Leslie. At this time Baker was in his last year of high school. He had no thought that he might go to college so he assumed he would go to work in some job.

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