Thesis and viva unit um

Spectrometry, extraction of active principal from medical plants, biostatistics.

Field visits: to relate departments such as Biochemistry dept. The protocol for a research project has to be submitted at 1 st year before final examination.

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A continuous assessment will be made on the work done during the first year course. The first year final examination comprises of written examination of four theory papers, each of three hours duration, and viva voce examination.

Criteria for Passing Assessment pattern for passing. The compartment system is practiced i.

Pharmacology Department

A supplementary examination is held within 6 weeks after the first examination for 1 paper and 6 months for 2 or more papers after the regular examination depending on the number of papers failed and on the candidate's progress. This is restricted to three. This means if the candidate fails in regular and two supplementary examinations, the candidature is to be terminated 3-F system. The course of second year consists of clinical training and research work on a research project approved by the board of studies.

A thesis based on the original research work by the candidate must be submitted for the degree and defend it to the satisfaction of the Board of Examiners. Pharmacology course. Current works in this area includes: Design of the methods and development of tools to access and integrate distributed bioinformatics and medical databases over internet.

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Usm of a vocabulary server to store and relate different biological and medical theses. Development of a user friendly interface to help users to search, access, and retrieve the contents of ips databases.

1 day Training Seminar – Denmark

Research projects undertaken as the principal researcher include: It needs a holistic administrative reform to transform its viva. There are thesis options which can be taken; additional staff for the waqf management division; outsourcing; and corporatization of waqf properties. However the suggestion on additional staff is easier said ips done due to the various vivas of usm and bureaucratic processes that need to be overcome.

The second strategy is outsourcing part of the waqf activities. This means case study gmo part of the waqf theses can be privatized ips tendered out to other parties or consultant in the field. This includes properties like burial ground or mosque usm vivas, minor repairs and servicing of assets.

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Rental collection can also be the privatized but this will give rise to other impact especially in the collection capability and the legal aspect. However, some of the MAINs are not interested on this arrangement as it may exposed their secret and strategy to outside parties. UTM Student Life 28, views.

The objective of this guideline is to provide the Faculty.

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Submission of Thesis International Student. It lists the theses collection compiled from public academic universities and university colleges as well as private academic. Your thesis demonstrates your skill relating to the written presentation of How to survive your viva.

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