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They can focus on important goals in life by taking risks in their career. This would have definitely helped him serve the nation in a better manner as all his time would have been spent in taking care of his objective which was serving the country. A single man can be a fair master and a fair servant too. No hurry to leave office early to go out with the family and no need of telling a lie to get a leave.

Top 21 Advantages & Disadvantages of Living Alone

A lot of money is even saved and can be invested on adventure trips, taking a better qualification, etc. Soldiers and the people in defence will have no one who must be waiting for them at home. So, they may not have that zeal to fight for the motherland till the last moment. A single man may not be a good citizen. He may jump signals and engage himself in abusive conversations and drinking alcohol late till night as he has no hurry to go home to meet his family.

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Why did you have children? Because they're beautiful and you love them and it's a profoundly deep human instinct and need? Did you partner wanting children influence you? Are you a man or woman by the way? Something I think of is that I am the result of ancestors on my mother's and father's sides successfully reproducing since we jumped out of the trees if evolutionary theory is correct so it would be sad if the line stops with me The advantages to being a parent you come up with are fitting in and not being bored?

Are you kidding? Maybe you should just stick to writing about the joys of being childfree because you clearly have no idea of what it is like to have children. Supposedly, having kids will ensure that you'll have someone to take care of you when you're old Life is full of twists and turns and there are few guarantees, including that your kids will take care of you in the winter of your life.

This one gets me. You should not have kids to make them care for you in your old age. There are also other your family members who can be there for support if you have relationships with them. But procreating to have other people to care for you is not a good reason to have kids. You will miss out of what many consider to be a crucial life role. If you choose to be child-free then you are NOT missing anything. You are choosing not to participate in that choice. I know parent who get bored and everyone gets bored. I don't think that I will have kids so that I am not bored.

I feel that we really do not need these articles. If you want kids, have them. If you do not, don't. There is no wrong choice.

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My sister spent her entire life trying to fit in socially, but it wasn't until she had kids that her social capital rose enough for her to feel accepted. With the birth of her first child, she went from a deeply angry person with virtually no friends to being part of the "in" crowd. Finally, she got validation for her anger and self-righteousness by redirecting it as a lament about parenting hardships with her childed peers.

Unfortunately, motherhood does not suit her. She has thoroughly disproved the myth that parenting makes you a more patient person. She treats her kind-hearted husband like hell, bullies her kids, and quite vocally judges the hell out of anyone who chooses not to have children. She finally has the validation she craved for so long, but everyone close to her has paid the price, and those of us who know the truth about her situation wish she'd had the courage to fix herself instead of selfishly seeking acceptance by having kids.

Or, if she couldn't face her demons, we wish she could have somehow found the courage to remain childfree.

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I totally agree with you. I wish they will let us be. I can read jealousy from their comments and I begin to wonder if parenting it the really the way they make it look. I wish I could keep getting support from you unbiased minded america. I love how multiple people scoffed at the fact that two of the Pros for parenthood were "Fitting in" and "Never being bored", but neglected to offer any suggestions as to what they thought would be better Pros. My husband and I are married for 7 years, we are not against child free couples and we're not against about having a child.

We have tried to be child free for 5 years, and yes it was like the same when we were boyfriend and girlfriend , just like two lovely couples spending time with each other, everything is so silent, we spend a lot of time for each other but the spark isn't there, we don't argue that much, we are just a very peaceful couples Honestly we feel like what's the point of getting married?

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Single Parenting?

We wanna know if having a baby would add us happiness. But honestly I'm really afraid to be a mom, maybe my husband might leave me for not being sexy, or I might miss a lot in my life. My friends, my career and so on But there it goes a baby came to our life, and at first I really feel so afraid but when my husband came home he was so happy with the news,.

Super happy that he'd do anything for the baby to be healthy. And honestly it's really hard to be a parent for there is a lot of adjustments to do, but we really never regretted that we have a child. It was the best gift ever for the two of us, now our baby makes our marriage more colorful,we went home with a lot of excitement, laughter and the house maybe a lot messy this time but it's tottally fine because the happiness the baby can give is tripled. And actually we didn't have child so someone could take care of us when we get old, but we just wanna have a baby because it feels like real family:.

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  • Sad to say a lot of child free people tends to talk a lot of negative things about others, I think because of being bored of their life.. My fiance and I had the child talk long before we were engaged. We both vehemently are against having children, and a recent outing with friends who have a child cemented that. I'd love to watch my nieces and nephews, but having our own child is definitely not a good idea. They'd eat up our time that we use to pursue other things we'd rather do. I don't think I'd have many moments for self reflection. My patience is thin as it is and I'm afraid I'd become a tyrant.

    You do realize that the reason that drove you two to become parents is the same most people go through. The feel of emptiness, a lack of purpose, a void. Well you are supposed to fill that space with your passions, the thing is most people don't have one, even though they will deny it sternly, because who would like to admit being a dispassionate person? So there's that, the child gives many people a reason to carry on, and it a very good one, infalible, now there's a little frail and fun creature that depends on you for a long time.

    I trust you all see the mechanism here and agree that not everyone requires a child to carry one and get out of bed in the morning. Just find what makes you tickle and you'll be a happy person, with or without kids. I was just about to get pregnant with my partner but After reading this I have decided not too.

    I also saw that you have to dedicate 8 hours a day to it. I do a lot of drinking in the AM, and follow that up at the strip club in the PM. I haven't seen a daycare section at Tittys McGee, so having one of those things could really be a burden to my daily aspirations. I would like too fit in with my peers, it would be pretty sweet to like, rack up a fat line, and after the deed, talk really fast about how little Johnny shat on the pet cat.

    I will see what my partner thinks, not that I pay attention to that arsehole anyway. Thanks for the great read. People need to stop being so sensitive. It seems like people are really offended that there are actually people who don't care for children. I'm a male in my 30's without children and a lot of my peers always make comments about me traveling all over the place saying negative comments like "well I can't do that because I have children.

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    • Most of my friends have children and they don't have much time to do the things they enjoy because they have children. I think kids are great however in my mid twenties I realized that dealing with children was not something I cared for. Thanks for this post! I myself have decided to not giving birth because of these reasons: 1. Over population 2. Depletion of natural resources 3.