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Mine occupies me constantly. Good afternoon, gentlemen! Clearly, Ebenezer Scrooge is a misanthrope who shares no warmth with any man. He should! In other words, Scrooge is trying to convince himself that he is suffering from indigestion.


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Bob Cratchit, living in his tiny cottage crowded with both children and love, was by far the happier man A Christmas Carol When people read or watch a ghost story, they have certain expectations of it. People would usually expect the story to be scary, have an eerie feel, and have appropriate, creepy settings such as a graveyard or derelict house. Most ghost stories use darkness to create the right atmosphere. Free Essays words 8 pages Preview. The music insinuates that both Ebenezer Scrooge and Miss Furnivall have problems with giving compassion and valuing family.

Scrooge prefers to remain alone and to horde his money, while Miss Furnivall fought with her sister, and did not value their connection as sisters. Music comes to symbolize these characters problems in several ways Better Essays words 6. Dickens wrote the book partly to show the tough times for children in that era. A Christmas carol has also been very popular with movie adaptations. The book revolves around a character named Ebenezer Scrooge. Ebenezer gets a visit by three ghosts in one night: the ghost of Christmas past who shows scrooge his past childhood and adulthood , the ghost of Christmas present who shows scrooge what 's going on with people around him and the ghost of Christmas yet to come who shows Scrooge what could happen to his future if he does not chang This statement is largely untrue, and proof to support that can be directed to one man by the name of Charles Dickens.

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Better Essays words 2 pages Preview. In Stave I Dickens presents Scrooge, as a cold-hearted old man who loves himself and hates Christmas. Dickens uses the weather to describe how cold it gets when Scrooge is near; the point that he is trying to make is that he is so mean that his meanness has infected the atmosphere It is widely known throughout the world, even the youngest of children know of its basic elements and its lasting message. Although the novella seems to coincide with current views of Christmas, it was not always the same.

At the time, many of the poor and working class, including children, were forced to work an obscene amount of hours with very little breaks and almost no holidays Many more fortunate people in Victorian London would rather not think about the poor, even though most slums were right next to the wealthy areas of London.

In many ways this blinder effect continues today. One example of this is the fact that none of the film adaptations of this story contain any of the truly gruesome details of the living conditions of the poor in this era. Dickens wanted to bring attention to these conditions because as a child he had experienced some of these hardships Better Essays words 4 pages Preview.

According to psychologist Karyn Hall, radical acceptance of oneself is the only way to live a happy, healthy life. By the end of the story, Scrooge radically accepts himself, learns to love others, and copes with his anxiety.

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Dickens wrote the novel to show how the economic and social differences effected the poor, as he had experienced poverty himself. It airs during the holidays in an enormous amount of variations. The basis of each variation is the same. Ebenezer Scrooge, our main character, is a cold hearted man. It is Christmas Eve, and as Scrooge is closing his office his nephew comes in to wish him a Merry Christmas.

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Scrooge lives alone Term Papers words 5. Good Essays words 2. Wealthy men, the minority, had accumulated large sums of money, moved into cities and lived wonderful lives. However life was dreadful for the majority who were poor and could not afford basic necessities such as food and shelter.

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This inequality could have been rectified if money had been distributed in a more virtuous and an uncorrupted way. For this reason, Charles Dickens attempts to show this in the form of literature in his critically acclaimed novel A Christmas Carol Powerful Essays words 4 pages Preview.

Scrooge sees even the tiniest of waste or usage of materials a meaning for dismissal, even if the usage of materials is being used to better or help out another human. This shows Scrooges objective character because, he does not believe any materials should be used on the poor and everything thing should only be used for his own self-interest Dickens does this by creating antipathy for scrooge and by introducing gothic elements to prepare the reader for the arrival of the spirits later on in the book Strong Essays words 2.

He proclaims that generosity of the spirit defines Christmas, and goes a large way towards defining true humanity for him as well How wonderful it must be for the man to be satisfied with what he has and did for others. In the story, Scrooge, a pessimistic old miser, is haunted by four ghosts who strive to teach him what Christmas and life are all about. In doing so, he is given a second chance at life, and begins to share his newfound Christmas spirit to others The word 'Scrooge' derives from the character Scrooge in this novella, which proves that Dickens' story really did make an impact on the reading public.

In 'A Christmas Carol' there are three main themes that would have been influenced by the times when Dickens was writing, the themes are: Poverty, ignorance and happiness Christmas spirit Life for the lower class during this time was extremely hard because of enormous amounts of illnesses, young children worked and no education.

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  • Several years of depression put the conservative Tories back in power in Wages and living conditions grew steadily worse as the industrial revolution permitted the rise of great fortunes for owners and employers along with starvation and poverty for great numbers of the working classes. Better Essays words 5 pages Preview. The U. A has a good society because no matter, your situation, reputation you still have the chance to make something of your future. However, not everyone has that opportunity. In other countries you can 't overcome your situation or poverty you were born in.

    Character Analysis of Scrooge in A Christmas Carol

    However, if a person in a position realizes this then they can make a change for the better. Better Essays words 3. Dickens lived in various places as he was growing up, which included Chatham and London. He had a rough life as a child. As a young adult, Dickens was headed towards his successful career by helping with the London Newspaper Dickens Better Essays words 4. This will involve his aims, which is that the poor should be treated with more compassion and how he is going to achieve this, which involves opening the eyes of people with enough wealth and power and by educating people to get rid of any ignorance.

    Dickens' tool that he creates and uses within his novel is a caricature of the problem that he is aiming to put right, which is that the poor should be treated with more compassion The Ghost of Christmas Past makes Scrooge begin to regret his selfishness, and the Ghost of Christmas Present begins to teach him about others The novel was the first of five in a series of Christmas books that Dickens was commissioned to write.

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    Memory serves as an important tool for the ghosts to reach out to Mr. Free Essays words 3 pages Preview. The fact that several moralistic themes can be applied throughout the novel confirms why it is a classic. May it haunt their houses pleasantly, and no one wish to lay it.

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    • A Christmas Carol is an amazing book because it teaches you many life lessons. I will also show how Dickens addresses the social injustice of the poor laws in the Victorian Era. Dickens motivation for writing this story was to encourage employers to treat workers well, he uses the Christmas Carol to portray this message. Charles Dickens felt strongly about the working conditions and poverty that many people endured He does this by using Scrooge, who personifies the rich people. It is set at Christmas time in early Victorian times, a time of giving and compassion. This signifies that the rich should give to the poor, especially at a festive time like Christmas.

      Dickens saw the cold, ugly conditions that the poor were living in and thought that he had to do something about it, so he wrote 'A Christmas Carol'