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It relates the hardships, problems and triumphs of urban Americans and all people in this country. Although rap has become a worldwide and culture wide form, the core of rap is still based in urban America. More specifically, rap music is a cultural expression that gives voices to those who in the past were unheard. All though there are some who feel that rap music is to angry, or promotes violence, it must be realized that quite often these songs are in reality heartfelt stories about the life of those telling the story.

As time moves on, rap music continued to flourish the most within the Hip-Hop culture. It is known for bringing together a tangle of some of the most complex social, and political issues in todays American society. Rap initially caught on because of the fact that it offered young urban New Yorkers a chance to freely express themselves and it was accessible to anyone who wanted to do it.

They now had a chance to tell their life stories in a way that people were not used to hearing. Rapping, in essence, is a verbal skill.

The Role of Hip Hop in Culture

Rap also offered unlimited challenges as there were no real set of rules… other than it had to be original and the rhyme was to the beat of the music. Because there were no rules to rapping, the personality of whoever was rapping came through in the music. As Rapping grew within the urban ghettos, artists started to evolve and record rap. From this, the music industry took hold and commercialized it as the record labels saw its money making potential.

Because of this there are many who feel that rap is no longer the great cultural voice that it once was.

Fan Asks Hard Questions About Rap Music - The New York Times

Now that mainstream America has become used to the idea that this music that was once confined to the urban sections of our country, is now a part of everyday life, it has become easier to exploit it and make a profit off of it. The original intent of the cultural movement has been put on the back burner in many cases so that record companies, often quite ignorant to the social significance of the music, can make a profit. Because rap has evolved into such a large industry, it gives the illusion of being a quick escape from the harshness of inner city life.

Rapping is very hard work as well as time consuming. It can not be done by just any one. Not long after the emergence of the recording of rap, videos became which allowed a face to go along with the recording. It allowed the world to see who was creating it, what they looked like… this allowed hip hop to actually be seen all over the world. Since the birth of the visual aspect of hip hop, commercialization has played a large part in the evolution of rap and hip hop.

Now more then ever the effects of Hip hop can be seen in everyday America. There are rappers such as Ice cube, and Ice T starring in major motion pictures. Everywhere that you look, you can see people of all ages wearing clothing inspired by hip hop and even the very way that we speak has been affected as slang becomes a more acceptable form of expression.

In conclusion, Hip-Hop is the culture from which rap emerged but consists of the four main elements: Graffiti, Break dancing, Djing and Mcing Rapping. Today the Hip-Hop movement is coming on strong. Hip-Hop has helped to shape America today.

It has given a voice to people that were formerly left unheard, and given urban youths entry into a three billion dollar a year business. The Hip-Hop culture is now incorporated in everything today from movies and TV, to clothes, speech and the way we interact with each other.


Fan Asks Hard Questions About Rap Music

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But, is it possible and how many pages is words? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the greatest music composers who ever lived. His name and the word 'genius' are often bandied about together by music writers and critics and many would argue rightly so. Mozart had a fantastic ear for writing a catchy tune with perfect orchestral arrangement. His compositions have a rich and distinctive sound; it can be said that in his brief lifetime only 35 years that he wrote a masterpiece in every genre of classical music without much apparent effort.

Original and completed music poured out of his mind and his music scores showed little correction. The hip-hop culture was comprised of the popular street activities of African-American youth during the 's such as: styles of language,?

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The rest of your paper should demonstrate to the reader why your thesis is correct. If you think George would agree with the critic, offer examples from the book where George makes a similar argument. Nelson George has written a history of hip hop culture. Then, in the rest of the paper, explain to the reader why you have taken this position. It will be important to draw specific evidence from the book to help support your position.

Your task is not simply to tell the reader what you think; rather, you should show the reader why your position is best supported by the evidence in the book. This viewpoint is your thesis statement and it should appear in the first paragraph of your paper. In the body of your paper, you should draw on what you have read to show the reader how crack affected gangsta rap. You should also show the reader how crack and other drugs have affected hip hop culture more broadly. To do this, you must give specific examples from the book and explain to the reader the relationship between drugs and hip hop.

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