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They may think a lot what to wear every morning, so they may go to school late. Choosing what to wear every day really wastes much time.

The ways of instruction are dissimilar, too. In high school, teachers go to the same classroom to give the lesson. Besides, the range of each lesson is small, so we could focus on the subject being studied. And invariably, there are three major exams during a semester in high school. However, in university, students go to different classrooms to learn about different subjects. Moreover, each class covers a lot of content, so we must spend a lot of time studying. In university, there are only two big exams in a semester.

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Another difference is after-school activities. In high school, because of the academic stress, most students go to cram school after school. They even study in their free time. By contrast, university students have much free time.

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Some of them may have part time jobs; others may join the clubs. University students have much more free time than high school students, and they have more chances to do what they like to do.

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No matter how different the high school and the university are, both of them are important education processes for us. For me, I prefer the university life because I can do many things which I want to do in my free time. To compare and contrast in a high school essay, address similarities comparisons and differences contrasts between two or more topics.

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Making charts and Venn diagrams to show similarities and differences between two subjects are excellent ways for writers to organize their thoughts before they start writing their essay. To develop a compare and contrast chart, list the points you want to consider on the left side of the page and write the subjects or topics across the top of the page. Then write a brief note on how each point fits with each topic to find where they are similar and where they differ.

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To make a Venn diagram, draw two overlapping circles -- one for each of the two subjects. In the middle, where the circles overlap, list the traits the subjects share. The differences, or traits that the subjects do not share, should be listed in the outer areas of the circles. Most good essays have a focused thesis statement to guide the development of the writing.

In a compare and contrast paper, the thesis statement identifies the subjects and the basis for comparison, and it tells the reader whether the essay will emphasize similarities or differences. The following is an example of a thesis statement for an essay that emphasizes similarities: "Despite their differences in classroom management techniques, Mr.

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Jones and Mrs. Smith both provide a rigorous curriculum and encourage their students to work hard. Smith are both excellent teachers, they have different classroom-management techniques. When deciding how to organize a compare and contrast paper for high school, consider the method that best presents your points of similarities and differences.

Point-by-point analysis and subject-by-subject analysis are the most common ways to develop a compare and contrast paper. The point-by-point method requires you to discuss each point of comparison or contrast between each subject before you discuss a new point. Conversely, the subject-by-subject method discusses each point for one subject before discussing the related points for the second subject.

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For many high school students, the subject-by-subject method provides a simple way to organize and present comparison and contrast points to the reader. Remember to provide examples that show the similarities and differences between the subjects.