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When he was about eleven in the sixth grade his family moved north to Inwood in Upper Manhattan where he attended Good Shepherd School. He was taught by the LaSalle Christian Brothers, and his brother in the sixth grade noted that he could write and encouraged him to do so.

In fall , he entered public school, but was soon awarded a scholarship to the elite Trinity School. He attended Trinity from — Apart from being interested in writing, Carroll was an all-star basketball player throughout his grade school and high school career. During this time, Carroll was living a double life as a heroin addict who prostituted himself to afford his habit but he was also writing poems and attending poetry workshops at St.

Mark's Poetry Project. He briefly attended Wagner College and Columbia University.

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Literary career. While still in high school, Carroll published his first collection of poems, Organic Trains. Already attracting the attention of the local literati, his work began appearing in the Poetry Project's magazine The World in Soon his work was being published in elite literary magazines like Paris Review in , and Poetry the following year.

In , his second collection of poems, 4 Ups and 1 Down was published, and he started working for Andy Warhol. At first, he was writing film dialogue and inventing character names; later on, Carroll worked as the co-manager of Warhol's Theater.

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Carroll's first publication by a mainstream publisher Grossman Publishers , the poetry collection Living at the Movies, was published in In , Carroll published The Basketball Diaries, an autobiographical book concerning his life as a teenager in New York City's hard drug culture. Diaries is an edited collection of the diaries he kept between the ages of twelve and sixteen, detailing his sexual experiences, high school basketball career, and his addiction to heroin, which began when he was In , Carroll wrote a second memoir entitled Forced Entries: The Downtown Diaries —, continuing his autobiography into his early adulthood in the New York City music and art scene as well as his struggle to kick his drug habit.

Basketball Diaries is a good example of this. It's a movie about a group of kids growing in the city who like to party, and one day they decided to try heroin. That is a bad day because if you make up your mind to try something you might as well be on it. There are less dangerous forms of heroin like pills and capsules, but it's like they said in the movie "If you're going to pop it, you might as well snort it, and if.

School Violence words - 12 pages violent acts. In the movie "The Basketball Diaries," Leonardo DiCaprio plays a teenager who is ridiculed at school and who gets heavily addicted to heroin and cocaine. In one scene, he is tripped out in the bathtub and he has a dream: he is dressed in a long, black trenchcoat and he goes into his school and opens fire on all of the classmates that have ridiculed him and the teacher that gave him a hard time and who never. Popular Culture and Violent Behavior words - 47 pages allegedly re-enacting a scene from director Scott Kalvert's biopic of the novel of the same name by Jim Carroll, The Basketball Diaries, where actor Leonardo DiCaprio, dressed in a trench-coat guns down six of his peers during a class.

The repercussions of this are two-fold. Firstly, and although it cannot be proven since the killers committed 'mutual suicide', if the influence for the murders did come from the film. The Media's Influence on Teen Violence words - 10 pages was forgetting homework or being sent to the principal's office. There are many kids today who may fear that the person sitting next to them in class may have a loaded handgun in their book bag. On average one hundred and thirty five thousand weapons are brought into classrooms across the nation each day, and nine out of ten incidents are not reported Malcolm 2.

Did scenes of a student shooting his classmates in the movie The Basketball Diaries. Entertaining Through Violence words - 11 pages took some criticism, driven by people searching for answers after similar events occurred around the nation. After the Columbine shootings, a scene from "The Basketball Diaries" was cut because the main character, portrayed by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, has a dream about entering his school and shooting his classmates.

Media effects on Children Another subtle way that television is impacting our kids is through "cartoons" that are directed. Government uses society's fear of death and the end of the world to keep control and power over the people. The atomic bomb generates such universal fear and the corrupted government fails to respond to the chaotic behavior of society or the fears of the individuals. This fear that the government achieves not only maintains control, but.

Street Violence And The Media Essay words - 6 pages anxious hours following the Columbine High School shootings, America's television screens repeatedly showed a slow-motion film clip in which a black-clad, shotgun-toting boy bursts into a classroom and fills his fellow students full of buckshot.

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The gunman was teen idol Leonardo DiCaprio, the star of Titanic, and the clip came not from a surveillance camera but from Scott Kalvert's The Basketball Diaries, the movie said to have been a favorite. Personal Application Essay words - 4 pages comments on the events, I have also grown to be more aware of my self-reflection. This also benefits me on my writing skills as years have passes through. Furthermore, I have also become more confident in my social life due to the self-encouragement through the diaries.

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