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Some teach. Others sell. Some people work on ships at sea, and others in skyscrapers in cities.

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What kind of job would you like to do? As a future worker, write an essay that names a job you would like, describes the work, and tells why you would like it. We all have people we admire. They might be family members or friends. They might be singers, dancers, or actors. They might even be fictional characters. Whom do you admire most? Write an essay that names a person you admire and describes the qualities that make you like the person. Most people have a favorite food.

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What is yours? Is the food a common one that most other kids would know about, or a really special type? Is it sweet or spicy? In an essay, name your favorite food and describe to your classmates how it looks, smells, and tastes. Tell why you like it so much. Most people can imagine a dream home. What would yours be? Big or small? In the country or in the city? How many floors? Would it be underground or up in a tree?

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As a young person, write an essay describing your dream home to a parent or guardian. The following explanatory prompts are meant for students who do regular multi-paragraph writing. Smartphones, tablet PCs, social media, and constant connectivity are changing the ways that people live, think, work, and connect. How do these technologies shape your life? Are you plugged in or tuned out? Write an essay that explains to your fellow students the ways that you connect digitally and predicts how people will connect in the future.

Pets are not people. But pet owners often consider their dogs and cats to be members of their families. In what ways are pets like people and in what ways are they not? Write a comparison-contrast essay explaining the similarities and differences between pets and people.

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A parent is responsible for taking care of children. A criminal is responsible for committing a crime. And teens are encouraged to make responsible choices. Does it mean something different for young people than for adults? As a young person who is taking on more and more responsibilities, write an essay that defines what responsibility means to you, and explain the idea to those older than you.

The Chinese celebrate New Year with a dragon dance. How do you celebrate New Year? What other special days do you observe? In an essay, explain a celebration or ritual that you know about. Tell what is usually done and why. Explain it to a reader who is new to the event. What are you really good at? Perhaps you can sink a free throw every time.

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Maybe you can identify birds by their songs, or make a very delicious homemade pizza. See All Resource Types. Informative essay, prompt, outline, and rubric. Explain the effects of cell phone addiction. This is an informative essay prompt, two articles, a graph, and outline sheet.

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Your kids will all learn something about cell phones that they may never thought of before. This comes complete with rubric. Worksheets , Handouts , Printables. Add to cart. Wish List. This includes two Articles "How do hurricanes form? A step-by-step guide" and "How Do Hurricanes Form? After reading these two articles students are given a prompt for an expository essay on how hurricanes are formed. There is also an outl. Activities , Handouts , Outlines. Genocide Informative Essay Prompt.

Research , Projects , Assessment. The Hobbit Information essay prompt, rubric, and example.

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  • The Hobbit is sweeping classrooms nationwide due to its emergence as a Common Core exemplar novel and the release of the major motion picture. One of the most fascinating aspects of the novel for many students is the variety of fantasy races and creatures. From Dwarves to Wargs to the Hobbit speci. Lesson Plans Individual , Research , Rubrics. Informational Essay Prompts. Other , Activities , Handouts. Since informative writing should include more than one type of source, these informative text articles are used to give students some but not all information for a prompt OR the teacher can use it as a sample es.

    Reading , Writing , Writing-Essays. Printables , Literacy Center Ideas. This product allows students to write an informative expository essay based on two nonfiction articles. Writing-Expository , Writing , Informational Text. Every lesson builds upon the previous skill within one piece of writing, which gives students a thorough understanding of h.

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    watch Disney Opinion and Informative Writing Prompts. Activities , Test Prep , Assessment. Looking for evidence-based informative writing? With this resource, students use information from two different passages to write an essay that explains how water changes the Earth's surface. Please note that this writing prompt is just part of my growing bundle.