Characteristics of expository essays

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Expository essay

Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Characteristics of an expository essay 1. Characteristics of an Expository Essay What is it? Ex: How to Stop Smoking 4. The thesis is part of the introduction of your essay, usually positioned at or near the end of the introduction.

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An introduction needs to grab the attention of your readers and make them want to continue reading. The essay ends with a conclusion that neatly wraps up your essay. Four Ways to Develop an Expository Essay 1. Time order: involves the sequential or chronological organization of information from one time period to another.

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Arranges information according to date or specific time, for instance, from the earliest to the most recent or vice versa. An essay about armed conflict in the Middle East might use this type of organization. Refers to information that deals with the location of people, places, or things; for example, the nearest planet to the farthest away from Earth.

Involves a step-by- step process, with steps arranged in their natural order, for example, How to Write an Expository Essay. Assignment- Work with your group! In the case of informative expository texts , they offer updated information based on investigations or expert judgments. Maybe reading any other type of text , you have noticed how the rapporteur deviates towards secondary ideas to complement the main idea , before closing it. Or that after carefully reviewing some paragraphs , you must return because you did not understand what you had read.

None of this occurs in the structure of the expository texts.

What Are The Features Of A Well-Written Expository Essay?

On the contrary , it is very seldom deepened in ideas that do not have a direct relationship with the subject in question , to avoid that the reader loses the idea of what is being developed. The expository text is written using a formal but simple vocabulary that manages to explain concepts of the subject treated to any type of audience. In addition , the use of filler or redundant content is inadmissible.

The expository texts seek to emit as much information in as few lines as possible. Absolutely everything you will read in an expository text is based on scientific theories , evidence or solid research. Therefore , the opinions or anecdotes of the author are outside the development of the content , and can only be used in the part of the conclusions.

Other authors can be cited that address the same topic , with the intention of giving strength to the idea that is being developed. The examples are admitted as long as they illustrate a difficult concept to explain , and it is a resource that must be administered with careful care. When the subject begins to formally develop in the expository text , the order of ideas follows a logical sequence , and may appear in the following ways :.

Analyzing or deductive : Ideas start from the most general points , narrowing down to the most particular or specific. Synthesizing or inductive : Contrary to the previous one , we begin by addressing the most specific ideas of a topic , to open the way to the more general. Synthesis : It is used within the introduction and the conclusion , it seeks to reduce to a few lines everything exposed in the development.

8 Basic Features Of An Expository Essay: Effective Writing Tips

Parallel structure : It seeks to develop two ideas at the same time , being both relevant to the subject and of equal importance. This means that the text expresses in a literal sense the ideas that the author wanted to express. It does not present hidden messages or understandable references based on the era in which the text was written.

Therefore , you do not need to use interpretation tools to fully understand the information provided by reading , facilitating learning.

Characteristics of Expository Writing

Being informed of its main objective , it is natural to think that the authors of the different expository texts will use all the strategies they know to convey the message they are trying to convey. The expository texts arrange the information so that the visual impression that causes the amount of continuous text is less.

However , not only is it limited to order.