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Discipline is a key component of classroom management I would ask her to evaluate her classroom environment, and classroom management; and consider making some changes. If children feel safe, comfortable, welcome, can express themselves, and enjoy being in you classroom, then they are more likely to have a better learning experience. They will be open to try new things, participate and communicate with the teacher and their peers Strong Essays words 4 pages Preview.

During my practicum at a local elementary school I followed a kindergarten teacher that had excellent classroom management skills which allowed her to be a very successful teacher. Throughout my 52 hours at the elementary school, I learned many great strategies that I can use throughout my years as a teacher Students are with their teachers for the majority of the year. I believe that students can be taught self-discipline.

I was struck by this statement, and after reading Dealing with difficult teachers, I walk away still thinking about this. Is this true. Now, I wonder if these teachers are part of the ten percent. If they are part of the ten percent, do they realize they are part of the minority Harry K. Wong also describes that classroom managements is something that refers to all of the necessary things that a teacher does to organize students, space, time, and materials so that learning can occur efficiently.

Discipline in Schools

The cooperative discipline, or the hands-joined style, is a more appropriate approach to managing behaviors in my classroom than the hands-off or hands-on styles. Term Papers words 6 pages Preview. Addressing student behavior and discipline is a developing process for schools across the United States. Although there will never be a complete resolution for all student behavior problems, there are ways to improve through a team discipline approach by assuming your role in the discipline effort of a student. Adopting roles for student discipline can be a challenge for school leadership, teachers, students, and parents.

The goal in defining and assuming a role should be a collaborative process that is appropriate and meets the needs of the student Theoretical Introduction I believe in a progressive classroom where management and learning is student centered. My role as a teacher is to be a leader, not an authoritarian or dictator. The foundation of a good management plan must be built on the following essential elements: positivity, consistency, and most important of all, respect Powerful Essays words 12 pages Preview. Theoretical Introduction 1.

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It should be constantly evaluated and re-evaluated in order to maintain an environment that is effective for both learning and teaching. An effective classroom management plan will enable the students and the teacher to respect each other. It is important in order for classroom organization and for efficiency in teaching It would be ideal if I did not have to worry about managing students but rather know that they will be well behaved and ready to learn, but ideally this is not realistic. Yet I believe that at any time you have to have a management plan it should be one of mutual respect and understanding, with these two ideas working together the classroom will run itself.

Of course rules will need to be set at the beginning of the year and the stu Summary The expert Richard Lavoie provides helpful information which will enable one to handle behavioral problems rapidly and successfully.

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  6. He demonstrates that preventive discipline can predict many problem before they occur and he clarifies how both teachers and parents can create a safe and predictable environment in with the students are able to grow I will aim to provide a classroom where my students are treated equally. I will not put my students down or label them with a behavior problem. I believe that every child has a right to learn in my classroom. I believe that every teacher has a right to teach in a safe environment with out outside interference.

    I believe that classroom management should be creative, will keep my students safe and be based on trust not fear Classroom managements means the way in which a classroom is set up; including, but not limited to, the physical set-up, the rules and guidelines, the teacher personality, and the consequences of rule breaking or misbehavior.

    In my opinion, the classroom is meant to be fun but have very specific strong guidelines that have consequences when those lines are crossed Theoretical Introduction Philosophy of Classroom Management My philosophy of classroom management is based on the individual relationships I form with each student, on the relationships they form with each other, and on the expectations I place on myself in relationship to my capabilities as a teacher. Powerful Essays words 6. Disruptive misbehavior can be mild and not impact student achievement or it can be serious and affect the entire classroom.

    Johnny is a fifth grade student who constantly interrupts the class by making faces. I believe that all students are good and can be good if they choose to be In a traditional classroom setting, you are in a classroom with a teacher, and other students, and are guided through the course by that teacher. When learning online, at home, you must manage your time to be distraction free, and maintain your progress on your own.

    Another difference in online lerning, is flexibility Rammussen. Davis had just finished setting up her classroom for the new school year.

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    This would be her second year teaching at Southern Maryland Elementary School. Last year she had problems getting the children to listen to her and cooperate. The current school disciplinary method was different in each classroom. After a teacher felt that he or she could not handle a student anymore, they would be sent to the principal's office.

    For serious offenses, the student would be suspended or even expelled.

    Discipline Essay

    She did not want the same thing to happen this year because she felt that it wasn't helpful Good Essays words 3. As a teacher, my instructional style will be more of a student-centered approach to learning.

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    I will still have the authority figure, but will allow the students to play an active role in the learning process. My role is to coach and facilitate student learning, along with the overall comprehension of the material. They have either forgotten or never successfully learned the pressures of teaching along with the essentials needed to run a smooth classroom such as, maintaining appropriate and consistent discipline.

    Since behavior management is one of the principal areas of concern for classroom teachers each school year; it is important to learn at least the basics of classroom management, as well as, the knowledge of how to deal with typical behavioral issues as they are presented Technology in the classroom has changed the way students learn and the way teachers teach. Technology today is integrated into the classroom as a teaching tool rather than being taught as a course.

    Public Education’s Dirty Secret

    This is a n important part of a teachers success because teachers are modeling behavior that students will mimic in the future. Without an organized classroom and a prioritized plan for that classroom education is wasted because time is wasted. Organization is a time management skill that many are not inherently born with however it is a skill that can be taught. Every student is different; therefore, each student will react different to discipline. Although not all students can be treated the same, all must be treated fair and appropriate.

    I believe that discipline, respect and love are essential for creating a positive learning environment. I believe that my responsibility as a teacher is to empower students to believe they can do something important, encourage students to take risk, demonstrate students how to develop good work habits and model students On the surface a teacher may just seem like one person doing one job, but a teacher is someone who fulfils many different roles daily.

    TESOL teachers must have strong moral and ethical behaviors because they celebrate the different lives lived out by each student Students, especially in middle school, are in a state of development and it is crucial that teachers at this grade level are facilitating development that is positive and successful for all students.

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    I believe that in a classroom students should have the opportunity to be both physically and mentally involved in the classroom How one views the world around him will affect the methods and the curriculum he uses to instruct the students in his classroom. For example, three learning theories Progressivism, Perennialism, and Essentialism came from very influential philosophies. The philosophies of these learning theories have strong implications on the classroom and curriculum. Because of Progressivisms philosophy, pragmatism, has strong implications on the classroom.

    According to Pragmatism, man learns through life experiences, and these experiences shape the world around him IDEA was restructured and reorganized to address behavior and discipline issues for special needs students. Once students with disabilities become mindful of their educational or behavioral differences that is when most of the discipline problems tend to arise. In my interview with the high school administrator that handles discipline, in his experience he handle various discipline issues from moderate to severe with students in the special education program Many years ago, the world was a different place and rules were enforced harsher than they are today.

    A punishment given 20 years ago is completely different than one a child would receive today. The punishment is no longer a spanking but a timeout and a talking to. Discipline in schools has changed as well detention and suspension are becoming a thing of the past and in its place are new methods of discipline He wanted to check with the teacher and see if she was managing the class well.

    He knew how difficult it could be to handle first-year students, in particular in the first week of the school year. As he opens the door, he sees some students sitting on top of the desks, others on their phone, all this is happening while the teacher is trying to organize the clutter of papers on her desk. The expression of disbelief and astonishment cover his face The first reason is that it enhances cooperative learning.

    The second reason is that a teacher can create an effective learning environment by having students participate in hand-on activities. Third reason is that the visual learners can enjoy watching different cultural films and slides to have an awareness of the various customs. Fourth it teaches students one of the most important elements in life about social skills Although at times it was disheartening, I believe these experiences are important, as they have helped shape me into the teacher I am today.

    From as far back as I can remember science has always been one of my favorite subjects. In the lower grades when distinction of discipline was not present, I succeed at all aspects of science, but as I grew older this changed Loesch - 1. Students must turn off and put away ALL electronic devices, including cell phones and personal laptops. Students are not allowed to use their cell phone or other devices in this classroom.